Sunday, January 24, 2010

How do i put my rabbit to sleep?

ive tried everything to put my rabbit to sleep but wont work. how can i make it go to sleep?How do i put my rabbit to sleep?
(lol major misunderstanding there!)

Rabbits aren't like humans with their sleep schedules, they don't sleep through the night. They're most active in the morning and evening and often will get most of their sleep just napping every so often. When I had mine inside I'd just look down sometimes and he'd be conked out under my chair, then ten minutes later he'd jump up and run off again. It'll sleep when it needs it.How do i put my rabbit to sleep?
Depends on what you are talking about here I understand your not talking about putting the rabbit down but if you mean like literally asleep or putting it into a trance. Some rabbits can go into a sleep like trance when turned on their backs slowly. If they struggle at all you have to let them go or they could break their backs. This makes grooming like cutting toe nails easier. But if you mean literally putting it to sleep they kind of sleep on their own schedule and rabbits sleep with their eyes open so its hard to tell when they are asleep other then they jerk while they sleep. I hope this helps!
Rabbits initially have different sleep patterns than humans, but they will sometimes take up their owners sleep schedules. Your bunny is probably not sleeping because you are giving it attention! Don't worry, your bunny will sleep when you are gone or sleeping yourself.
you take it to the vet and stop torturing it. (if you ';tried everything'; and it didn't work, then you've subjected it to untold suffering and stress, and probably pain)
you really need to take it to the vet to put it to sleep!!!you are hurting it by doing all that stuff to it!!
um im pretty sure they just sleep when they feel like it. My rabbit sleeps at random times. n is up at night alot.
Are you asking how to euthanize the animal or just make it sleep for the night?

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