Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Will eating part of a dead rabbit hurt my pet dog?

My dog recently found a dead wild rabbit in the yard and may have eaten some of it. He isn't a retriever and didn't carry the dead animal, but did have some rabbit fur around his mouth after we discovered him sniffing around the area. The rabbit appears to have been killed by some other animal. (Perhaps the neighbor';s cat that roams at night.) My dog is twelve years old and generally in good health. He is current on his rabies shot at this time.Will eating part of a dead rabbit hurt my pet dog?
Well as gross as it seems, and IS...we have a cat that will occasionally score a rabbit and eat part of it, sometimes she'll just eat it's face off... *barf*

Really, if it's still fresh and hadn't already been laying around rotting forever then it probably shouldn't hurt him. If it's been a while since he ate it and he's fine, then he's fine. Though just as a precaution I'd ask the vet if they feel it would be wise to give him meds for worms, and whatnot.Will eating part of a dead rabbit hurt my pet dog?
Your dog should be OK. Watch for any change in his stool and how he acts but unless the rabbit had been dead for a long time he should be OK. Just to be sure call your vet.
Rabbits are natural food for dogs. Some people buy whole, unprocessed rabbit carcasses to feed their dog as part of an all-natural diet called (don't laugh) BARF that aims to give pets complete nutrition.

Your dog is only going to get sick if it gets a bone stuck in its's throat or if the rabbit was poisoned or had a disease. It wouldn't have eaten it, most likely, if it were partially decomposed - and even then, dogs stomachs are very strong.
It could give him worms.If it was rotten he could get sick and vomit and if the rabbit was poisoned then so could your dog.If the rabbit got bit by something that had rabies then your dog could get rabies too.
What do you think wolves eat? He will be fine! Check out this diet I feed my dogs:鈥?/a>
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