Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do I have to let my rabbit out of the cage for it to run around for a while?

I got a rabbit she is 6months old but, it always wants to get of the cage and run around the house - my dad let it out frist time and ever since she is been spoiling the freedom treat............

WHAT IF I ONLY LET HER OUT ONCE A WEEK?Do I have to let my rabbit out of the cage for it to run around for a while?
Letting a rabbit out once a week is not too good for the rabbit. Rabbits are very active, and love to jump around. I think it will be a good idea to let her roam around the house or a backyard for a good 30 minutes. Just be careful when you let your rabbit roam in the house. You first have to get it bunny [or rabbit for that matter] proofed. The way to get it bunny proofed is to put thick duct tape on wires on the floor, or close in reach of the rabbit. Also picking up things like pins, utensils, pens/pencils, erasers, anything with led or chemical, or anything small, and easy to swallow MUST be picked up for your rabbits safety. Also, if you let her in the yard, you may want a leash or something so she can't run away through holes in fences or something like that. Hope i helped!Do I have to let my rabbit out of the cage for it to run around for a while?
well i guess you have the power to keep her in her cage as long as you want. but if you were a rabbit and only got out once a week and spent the rest of your life locked in a little cage how would you feel? pretty cramped and depressed i would think. the thing about having a pet is that while you have the power to make their lives as miserable or enjoyable as you desire, you need to have the empathy to treat them the way you would like to be treated (whether it inconveniences you or not). even prisoners in state jails get out for some exercise every day.
i guess you could let her out at least 2-3 times a week. just make sure she doesn't get out of your sight and that she doesn't get used to it. some animals get really depressed if they are in a cage all day unless they're used to it.
Thats cruel! at least let her run around a bit!!

you could leave her in an unused room or a bathroom with some toys in.

If you dont accept the consequences of having a rabbit, dont get one!

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