Friday, May 14, 2010

What to put as bait into a rabbit trap?

Need to catch a rabbit (there are plenty running around the yard). We have a trap. Don't worry, we won't kill it - just drive it far enough away and release. Any ideas of what to put in the trap besides carrots?What to put as bait into a rabbit trap? a boy i made a rabbit trap, couldnt ever catch one, an old man help me make it and later told me to use an onion, after i told him i couldnt catch any.......caught rabbits everyday after thatWhat to put as bait into a rabbit trap?
lettuce , salt block, small one
green peppers(sliced) they love it
carrots barries, most sweet tasting veggies.
Maybe I watched too many cartoons, but...carrots?
flowers and carrots
my pet rabbit loved bananas!
Plenty of fresh hay, dandelion greens, carrot tops, parsley, wild grasses, some whole oats, and fruits.

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