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I saved a wild rabbit from my cat, what do wild rabbits eat and will it live if i keep it?

My cat was attacking a baby rabbit so i ran outside and saved it. It is a little cut up but it's hopping around like nothing happened. I don't know what to feed it though and if i do feed it and decide to keep it will it live? I have heard that wild rabbits die in captivity. I just need a little help and i hope someone can answer me!I saved a wild rabbit from my cat, what do wild rabbits eat and will it live if i keep it?
Wild rabbits should be returned to the wild!

They are wild for a reason and aren't used to being caged and handled etc. The shock of this is very likely to kill them.

Do the kindest thing and return it.I saved a wild rabbit from my cat, what do wild rabbits eat and will it live if i keep it?
if it is a baby feed it milk, rem,ember rabbits are lactose intolerint so kitten milk or goats milk or rabbit milk is needed.

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For the best wild rabbit info go to

Please do not ever raise a wild baby, but find a rehabber so he/she will be with others (link found above) If you find a healthy baby, eyes open, please put back, as the mother comes back only at night to call 4him.

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I have has had a wild rabbit before. I fed the rabbits crackers,veggies,grass. I kept a saucer of water. I suggest letting it out after a while. You could also take it to a vet by you and they will keep it until it is better and release it and the wild
I've raised wild baby rabbits by feeding them what they eat naturally....grass, dandelions %26amp; clover. I kept a dish of rabbit pellets in there with it too %26amp; it eventually would eat the pellets, then you can gradually wean it off the grass %26amp; it will eat the pellets like a domestic rabbit. You can't feed it pellets only from the start cause a wild rabbit doesn't know that it's food %26amp; will starve. That's been my experience.
I do not want to sound harsh here but no, it will not live if you keep it. It needs immediate antibiotic treatment at a wildlife facility or vet.

Cats carry a nasty and virulent bacteria in their mouth called pasturella...although the effects will not be seen instantly, I guarantee, without antibiotics this rabbit has a less then 15% chance at survival (85% of all cats carry this strain).

Please contact a wildlife rehabilitator immediately so that this life can be saved. Also, please keep your cat inside, as it will likely go and sport hunt the rest of the litter as soon as he gets the chance.
Here's some great positive and helpful advice for you to read and put into action -鈥?/a>

Quoted from the first article -

';If it is over six and a half inches long from tail to nose, re-release it where it was found The mother is still near by. Some are better relocated to a safer place free of cats, dogs and children. The exceptions are rabbits with bite punctures from cats or dogs or lawnmowers. They really need to see a veterinarian ...'; just click above for more info.

Very best of luck.
Yes it will live. You can feed it vegetables and things pet rabbits will eat. you can even go buy rabbit food from the pet store. if it is a baby rabbit though then you can feed it milk from a bottle (you can buy them at the pet store).

You will need a cage though.
get rabbit food from store....
It will live. Feeding it milk like the one person said will help. I would recommend contacting a wildlife center though. They know the best how to take care of them. Wild rabbits are very skittish. After a wild rabbit gets so old it will tend to want to run into the wire in the cage to be let out and it will do so till it bloodies up it's nose.
yes it will live. Here is a list of what you could try feeding it, and if it doesnt like someof those then feed it the ones it does like:



bits of cabbage or lettuce



sunflowers seeds

tiny tomato bits


and water
call a vet to find out all of this stuff

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