Friday, May 14, 2010

Is it bad for dogs to eat rabbit poop?

My 2 year old dog has taken a fancy to eatting rabbit poop when I take him outside, by the time I realize what hes doing its already in his mouth and hes chomping away...good or bad?Is it bad for dogs to eat rabbit poop?
Wellllllll it's probably not great for your dog but I don't think that it's probably all that harmful. We have two dogs, and it seems, a yard full of rabbits. They manage to find some everytime they go out and it doesn't seem to make them sick. My husband thinks that if we could create rabbit poop flavored dog food we could become millionaires. If you are really concerned check with your vet.Is it bad for dogs to eat rabbit poop?
After spending $850 this week and dealing with a very sick vomiting dog, I can tell you rabbit poop is bad for dogs. he got some sort of bacterial problem from it and could not keep any food down. He was very sick. Don't let them eat it.

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If your rabbit is dewormed, is not necesarily bad, but you shouldn't encourage that behavior! Keep the bottom of your rabbit hut clean and do not let your dog go over there. It may also infect your dog w e. coli or salmonella if he keeps doing that.
Eating feces is not a good idea for any animal. Feces contains bacteria, and could possible carry parasites. I suggest cleaning up the rabbit feces before your dog goes outside.
it will be ok its normal

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